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   The Rotary Club of Niwot   
Niwot, Colorado, USA
Est. 2008

 Club Administration and Operations

This page is principally to give current and prospective members general information on how the club operates. The majority of the operations are standardized and follow Rotary International (RI) directives.

Club Administration

We began official operating arrangements and administration at the beginning of 2009 after chartering on December 17, 2008. Our officers are elected annually and we have a Board of Directors. We currently have three directors serving staggered 3 year terms. The remaining club positions are volunteer appointments approved by the officers and accepted by the membership. Most members serve in a club position as an officer, director, or projects person. All members participate in projects and fund raising as their availability permits.

We are a breakfast or morning club meeting in downtown Niwot. Our current meeting location (and all directions to it) are listed on the Meeting Page (link to left). We pay for our breakfasts as part of our local dues.

Dues are billed quarterly. Dues to Rotary International for membership are $50 per quarter. To this we currently add $10 per quarter for local club administrative purposes. At this time, we are fortunate to have a free meeting space in the Niwot Emporium and we purchase our breakfasts individually. In the future, when we locate a more permanent venue we will be looking for an arrangement that includes breakfast at a nominal cost and that will become part of the quarterly billing. All members are expected to pay for the breakfast to accommodate planning and administration and because there are attendance requirements for being in a Rotary Club.

To support the club and appropriately share the expenses, members are expected to attend a substantial percentage of the meetings. Members are encouraged to attend other Rotary club meetings as make-ups and to promote broad cooperation and contacts within Rotary.

Try joining us for a meeting. We have had very good responses from visitors who think our club has "the right feel" for a local club, and is doing projects and service they enjoy. If you like what we are doing and see an opportunity to you to become involved in service to your community, talk to a local Rotarian about membership.

Service Projects and Funding

A lot of our projects mostly involve volunteering your time to work with other Rotarians and community people and organizations.

Some of our projects require funds, which we raise. To assure that funds we raise for those purposes go to the projects, we keep them in a separate account. Eventually, as is the model for typical Rotary Clubs, we will set up a non-profit foundation [a Niwot Rotary Foundation] for the direction, control, and use of raised funds. This keeps them apart from club administrative needs, offers cleaner management, and allows donors a tax exemption for their contributions.

The Rotary Club of Niwot is responsible for the content of this web site and we promote community and international service to help make our home a better place.
latest update: Mar 27, 2009.

The Rotary name and logo are the exclusive property of Rotary International

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