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Below are our Favorite Links to other websites.

These are other non-profit, charitable, and service organizations that presented to our weekly meeting and appear worthy of your support. In some cases, we have been able to make monetary, in-kind, or  contributions of our time.

Please look them over, visit the websites of the organizations that appeal to you and consider helping out in the areas that spark your interests.   Thanks--Niwot Rotary Rotary International District 5450 Early history of Rotary Rotarians on the Internet -- interact and communicate with fellow Rotarians. Applying technology to improve Rotary service, fellowship, and knowledge Run by Mr. David Talbot, a fellow Rotarian, Crutches4Africa has been supplying crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and canes to Africans, all for free. The Niwot Rotary has and is continuing to collect these items and donate funds. This was the first international project we joined in on. Monetary contributions go to shipping and local production of appropriate and more durable spare parts. The Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was founded to care for and eventually release into appropriate habitats, injured and orphaned wildlife. It strives to educate the public and emphasizes humane solutions to human/wildlife interactions. They are located west of Longmont and have spoken to our club. For wildlife emergencies call them at 303-823-8455. Empowerment International focuses on educating underprivileged children in central America, primarily Nicaragua. Founder and Executive Director Kathy A. Adams spoke to our club in May of 2009. We were subsequently able to donate 10-12 Spanish-English dictionaries to her school library in Nicaragua. BeadforLife is working in Uganda to eradicate Poverty "One Bead at a Time". In Uganda, 80% of the people live in extreme poverty on around $1 a day. By organizing women in a cottage industry and providing a market, BeadforLife has raised their living standard. Visit their website to view more about their story, the bead makers, and to see their video. RAFT Colorado is an organization that helps teachers obtain extremely affordable items, kits, and hands-on teaching "paraphernalia" to use in education. If you want a fun and enthusiastic program, check this out and give Dawn a call. Caution: Many people in the group will not be able to keep from playing with the toys, and separate the engineers who will be trying to figure  them out and even make them "better". (Like putting augmentation springs on the miniature marshmallow catapult.) Jay Heeter, Central Mountains Conservation Coordinator of the Colorado Mountain Club reported on the current efforts to designate areas in Colorado as Wilderness to preserve them in their natural states. The American arm of Shelter Box, a British Trust (non-profit) started by Rotarians in Cornwall, UK. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is the President of Shelter Box. Voices for Children (CASA) of Boulder County, CO. This organization advocates for neglected and abused children. They celebrated their 25th year working in the county in March of 2010. Mariah Wahl's support message for Peruvian Hearts, an orphanage in Peru from which her friend Ana Dodsen came. This is the US site for the Rotary Fellowship Group. The international version is The web site for the Niwot Historical Society which is hosted by The Rotary Club of Niwot. Web site for the World Leadership Foundation. Contact Michelle LaBorde at or 303-929-5087

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