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Rotary Club of Niwot

What is Classification?

Rotary strives to have a diverse membership to promote full interaction with the local and international communities. It uses an approach of classification of members' business or profession to actively search for variety in membership. It is NOT meant to be used to limit membership, but to identify additional talents, skills, and people that could contribute to the club and community. In the modern world, Rotary, and particularly a small club such as Niwot's, can get rather inventive of categories, as needed, to grow the membership to vibrant and active support levels and to encourage the networking and cooperation for our work.

The Classification Principle (from The ABCs of Rotary by C. L. Dochterman)

Membership in Rotary is based on the "principal or recognized business or profession of the firm, company, or institution" with which a member is connected. But the classification is determined by the activities or services to society the member performs, not the job title. For example, a member is not classified as "bank president", but would be classified as in the profession of "banking".

In Rotary, "The classification principle is a necessary concept in ensuring that each Rotary club represents a cross-section of the business and professional service of the community."

Women in Rotary

Until the late 1980's, Rotary was a men-only organization. In 1987, California club challenged that limitation and was successful. In 1989 RI changed their constitution to eliminate the "male only" provision and since then many women have become Rotarians and equally enjoy the rewards of service and club comradeship.

(More on the history and operations of Rotary International and local clubs can be found at the Rotary links in the column to the left.)

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